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I had a unique and wonderful invitation to provide photos and write a short piece about our family cabin on Lake Kabetogama in northern Minnesota for the October 2008 release of CABINOLOGY: A Handbook to Your Private Hideaway, edited by renown cabinologist and architect, Dale Mulfinger. This delightful hardcover book is filled with cabin photos, stories and just cool fun. Do check it out if you have the opportunity.

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"Hark back to the basics and discover 37 unique cabins across the country.... All are so inviting, you'll want to grab the marshmallows and head to the woods."

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Wouldn't life be a whole lot better if somewhere out in the wild woody yonder sat a snug little cabin with your name on the mailbox? You know it would. If you have a cabin dream, this book is your ticket to making it real. With Cabinology as your map and architect and cabinologist Dale Mulfinger as your guide, you'll know the best way to approach every decision, from choosing a site for a new cabin, to remodeling an old one, to getting exactly the right fireplace for melting away all that ails you. Cabinology doesn't just guide you, it keeps you inspired. Throughout are photos of cabins small and large, great details and design tips, stories from other cabin owners around the country, and clever insights into getting a cabin of your own.

ISBN-13: 978-1561589487


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