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The Bodyguards
Special Projects



They will not only guard your body, they’ll steal your heart and fulfill your deepest desires.

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Meet the men and women of: E.D.E.N. Securities, Inc.

ETHAN: Former Special Forces (Green Beret). All work, no sense of humor, Ethan is rarely seen without his trademark suit and tie. He’s very private about his personal life and his marriage that ended five years ago, which is why his siblings regard him as the brooder. 

DALLAS: Former Force Recon. He’s considered the negotiator. Dallas is open, friendly, preppie and primed in his usual uniform of trendy tan chinos and knit shirts. He likes his life neat and orderly, is open to marriage but has yet to find the right woman with which to build a nice, tidy life.

EVE: Former Secret Service. She’s the doer of the group. Eve is a pit bull packaged like a Twinkie. With her soft curves and misty blond looks, people tended to underestimate her – to their eternal regret. 

NOLAN: Former Army Rangers. Nolan is the warrior, the risk taker - Until his last tour of duty in Iraq. Now he’s a borderline alcoholic, a bad bet on a good day and the only thing he wants out of life is to be left alone. 

JASE:  Jase “Plowboy” Wilson is not a brother by blood but he’s a brother in arms.  This former Army Ranger who served under Nolan in Iraq now  takes his first civilian assignment for E.D.E.N.:  protecting a rock diva on her sold-out tour and learns that wars are fought on many levels.

MANNY:  Manolo - Manny - Ortega, former SF soldier who served along side Ethan Garrett in South America, joins E.D.E.N. Inc. after a career crisis and runs into a woman from his past who needs not only his help but his protection as they slip under the wire to beat the clock to save their very lives.
Together, they make up E.D.E.N., Securities, Inc., a collective force to be reckoned with, parlaying their intelligence and special skills acquired from their background in service to their country to establish the most sought after securities agency in southern Florida.

No assignment is too big, too difficult, or too dangerous for them to handle. 

When it comes to their own personal relationships, however, the forces of E.D.E.N., Inc. soon find themselves in deep water and sinking fast.


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