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E-newsletter - DECEMBER 2020

Whoops, I did it again! Yup, I’m supposed to be retired, but low and behold, I’ve written another book.

I'm so thrilled to tell you about the December 30th release of FATAL DECEPTIONS, book 5 in the suspenseful new BEHIND CLOSED DOORS series spearheaded once again by everyone's favorite suspense author, Debra Webb.

FATAL DECEPTIONS: US Army Captain Mac (Samuel) MacKenzie went off to Afghanistan a patriot – and came home a prisoner. Accused of killing an unarmed combatant, Mac spends his days behind bars awaiting trial, his memory of the incident gone, his life in ruins. His wife, Rachael, begs Mac to let her help him.

Defeated and unwilling to drag her into his personal hell, he shuts her out, pushes her away, and tells her to get on with her life without him.

Devastated, Rachael turns to Ian, Mac’s best friend, who has stood by their sides through this ordeal. Ian’s interest in Rachael, however, runs deeper than friendship. Can Mac’s innocence be proven before Rachael gives up and gives in to Ian in what might very well be a FATAL DECEPTION?




You're not going to want to miss a single addition in this 5 book series written exclusively for Amazon.

THE LIE, Debra Webb - December 2
BLOOD STRANGERS, Vicki Hinze - December 9
SAVAGE BEAUTY, Peggy Webb - December 16
DEADLY REFLECTIONS, Regan Black - December 23
FATAL DECEPTIONS, Cindy Gerard - December 30

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Hope you’re all healthy and safe and enjoying the holiday season.


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