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E-newsletter - September 2010

Can it be?  It’s fall already.  When did that happen?

And when did September 28th sneak up on me?  Why is September 28th special, you ask?  Well, because it’s release day!  And as promised, I’m giving you a heads up!

DEADLY PROMISES, a super hot, super cool (and yes, it’s possible to be both) anthology headlined by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love, and joined by MOI ) and Laura Griffin hits the shelves at a book store near you on Tuesday, September 28th  (you’re getting the picture, right?).  Or, you can also buy now at:,, and B&

I’ve been lucky enough to get sneak peaks of both JUST BAD ENOUGH, from Sherrylin and Dianna and UNSTOPABLE, from Laura and let me tell you, both novellas rock!  I’m so excited that my novella, LEAVE NO TRACE is a part of this collection.

I can already hear the question:  Is LEAVE NO TRACE a Black Ops. Inc story?  And the answer:  Yes!  And No… David Cavanaugh, the hero, is a friend of the BOIs and actually assisted them in their operation in Jakarta to rescue Crystal (WHISPER NO LIES).  And Cav’s heroine is none other than Carrie Granger – Wyatt Savage’s old high school flame (RISK NO SECRETS).  I received so much reader mail about both Cav and Carrie that I just knew they had to have their own story.  LEAVE NO TRACE provided the perfect vehicle to make that happen.

So, please, on September 28th  … come with me to exotic Myanmar where Cav is tasked with the dangerous mission of rescuing Carrie from a slave labor camp in the treacherous ruby mines of the Shan Plateau north of Mandlay.  Then hang on for one heck of a wild romantic ride.

And next summer – July, 2011 to be more precise – watch for Luke – Doc Holliday – Colter’s story, Book 6 of my New York Times bestselling series, WITH NO REMORSE.  I am so in love with this man and his story has been an absolute blast to write.  But why just take my word for it.  Here’s a little excerpt to whett your appetite!

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Until then, I hope this finds you well!  Happy reading.




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