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E-newsletter - September 2009

FEEL THE HEATYippie Skippie!  It’s FINALLY here.  I am so excited to tell you that FEEL THE HEAT is on the shelves as of Sept 29th.  What a rush.   Are we happy?  I know I am and judging from the mail I’ve been receiving, you’re happy now, too, because you’ve been very patiently waiting.

My readers are the greatest – thanks again to all of you for putting SHOW NO MERCY, TAKE NO PRISONERS, and WHISPER NO LIES on the New York Times best-seller list.  I’m still shocked and awed over that.  You guys are the best!!

But I digress.  I want to tell you a little bit about FEEL THE HEAT, so you’ll know what to expect.  FEEL THE HEAT features that hot, Latino hunk, Raphael – Choirboy – Mendoza in an action packed espionage thriller that takes him back to his birth place, Medellin, Colombia – a place that holds horrible memories that he’s avoided at all costs.  The problem is, when the Black Ops., Inc. team discovers an eminent threat to national security that only Rafe can defeat, the stakes are suddenly too high to allow him the luxury of distance any longer.

FEEL THE HEAT is hot, fast and sexy and like my other BOI books, you’ll see the reprise of many of your favorite characters from the first three books as well as the introduction of B.J. Chase, a brassy blond bombshell of a DIA officer who comes roaring onto the scene guns blazing.  To get a little taste of FEEL THE HEAT, Click here to read an excerpt.

Here’s what Romantic Times had to say about HEAT:  4 ½ Top Pick! "This espionage thriller is on fast-forward as the red-hot Gerard starts the countdown clock. Edge-of-your-seat perfection!"

And from Single  “…FEEL THE HEAT … Grippingly enthralling ... Cindy Gerard … masterfully builds tension in her books as every second passes, and the result is always captivatingly spellbinding.”

I hope you have the opportunity to rush right out and buy FEEL THE HEAT as soon as it goes on sale September 29th, then make sure you let me know what you think of Rafe and B.J.’s story.  Okay – I know that some of you were expecting that maybe Rafe and Steph would get together.  Don’t shoot me, okay?  B.J. is a force to contend with and she just wasn’t going to be denied.  As for Stephanie – I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at BOTH of the romances happening in this book.

Oh – and don’t forget – I’ve still got a contest running on my website.  If you’re getting this news letter then you’re already signed up but you’ve got friends, right?  Tell them about it, okay?  I’m giving away a free autographed book every month plus at the end of 2009, I’ll award a $100.00 Barnes and Noble gift certificate to some lucky winner.  To make it super easy, here’s the link to my contest/mailing list page so your buddies can take care of business . Who knows, if one of them wins, maybe they’ll split it with you.

So you know,  I’m working on Wyatt – Papa Bear – Savage’s book right now and boy, are you going to want to get to know THAT man better.  He’s been a huge and wonderful surprise.  Watch for Wyatt’s book, RISK NO SECRETS, in June, 2010.

In the meantime don’t forget to visit Riding With the Top Down where I blog with my amazingly talented author buddies.  We have a lot of fun and give away tons of books – it’s a win-win, guys! 

My very best to all of you and stay warm this fall and the upcoming winter, okay?



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