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Book 1 Bodyguards Series
May 2005


Nolan Garrett's on a roll. For three months he's managed to sustain a string of booze-soaked days and mercifully dreamless nights, searching for a comfort zone at the bottom of the barrel. Just when he thinks he's getting close, life takes a turn for the worse and dumps him back into the thick of things. He's found a job. Or rather a job has found him.

Job title: Bodyguard.

Objective: Keep Jillian Kincaid, the only child of one of the richest men in Palm Beach, Florida, alive.

Prospects: Not good for this ex-army Ranger who's more interested in working on his own not-quite-subconscious death wish.

Jillian Kincaid doesn't have a death wish. She's got a life wish -- to carry on with the one she's built on her own, disconnected from her father's power and wealth. She's used brains, savvy and in-your-face determination to carve out a career in the highly competitive television news industry. And she'll be damned if she'll let a couple of death threats take it all away from her when she's on a fast track to a cable network anchor. Duck and run? Not in this lifetime.

Only this lifetime is growing shorter and shorter for Jillian as a sick, sinister predator stalks her with only one purpose in mind. To see her dead.


Silhouette Desire
January 2005


A tall, cool cowboy with a heartbreaker smile, J.T. Tyler had a line of women swooning in his wake. Then he met Alison Samuels, the town's new veterinarian, and found himself face-to-face with a challenge he couldn't ignore. J.T. wasn't interested in relinquishing his bachelor status, but he was definitely interested in learning what the new doc was like between midnight and morning.

Alison had moved to middle-of-nowhere Montana to start a new life - not start a fiery affair with a hunky young rancher. But she couldn't deny J.T.'s persistence ... or fever-induced powers of persuasion. After a few passionate nights wrapped in his muscular arms, suddenly Alison wondered if their sizzling relationship could survive the hours after dawn...


Silhouette Desire #1583
May 2004




Tonya Griffin had been a lovestruck assistant when she had thrown herself at her boss. Twelve years later, Web Tyler was making the now-famous photographer a lucrative offer. Tonya had dreamed of this moment for years, but her revenge had soured: Web Tyler had forgotten their night together!

Web had come to Tonya's remote cabin hideaway to convince her to sign his contract, but the close quarters' contact made keeping his mind on business impossible. Her scent drove him wild, her touch made him shiver and he was desperate to test the springs on her creaky iron bed. He'd never met so tempting a woman ... so why was there regret in her eyes?


Silhouette Desire
February 2004



With her creamy skin, sultry eyes and luscious mouth, Carrie Whelan was ripe for the plucking, and Ry Evans was starving for a taste of her! Still, he wasn't about to ravish his best friend's virginal baby sister, no matter how appetizing she looked. It was his job to keep her out of trouble and safe from predatory males. But there was only so much one cowboy could take, especially when Carrie's little crush on Ry exploded into passion, and Ry staked his claim on her — body, heart and soul!


Silhouette Desire
October 2003


Her best friend's wedding was not the place for a seduction. But Nate McGrory's potent blend of masculinity, charm and sensuality made Rachael Matthews want to run for cover -- or straight into his arms. Giving in to the gorgeous millionaire lawyer was the last thing she should do, but Nate's passionate pursuit, complete with jet-setting dates and sizzling kisses, was making him awfully hard to resist.

Nate intended to get to know the petite wedding planner on a much more personal level. He'd take it sensual and slow, and see where it led -- never dreaming that winning her heart put him in imminent danger of losing his own.

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